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The Cubs Hired An All Time Doofus Face To Be The New GM And It's Honestly Brilliant

That's Carter Hawkins. He's the new Cubs GM and has been brought in to work under Jed Hoyer. Big time up and comer from the Indians that finally got introduced today to the media. And I gotta say without hesitation, he looks like a grade A doofus. Nothing mean or malicious, just a simple doofus with simple needs and tastes. That's the man I see when I look at Carter Hawkins. 

He's allegedly very smart. Magna Cum Laude or whatever from Vanderbilt. Widely considered a rising name and strategist in baseball. Respected by peers and colleagues and competitors blah blah blah. But also looks like a big ass doofus. 

That's a mid tier consultant from Accenture crushing his banana republic two piece as he walks into an early afternoon meeting with a prospective client that's ready to buy. That's a guy smiling because he had sex 3 weeks ago and it was pretty solid. The kind of guy that genuinely embraces a good high five and loves giving the security guards nicknames:

Catch ya later Stretch!

That's what I see when I look at Carter Hawkins and I love every single thing about it. Time and again we hear about the zig & zag of professional sports. The only way to stay ahead of the curve is to build a new one. For baseball that's been getting the smartest and sharpest and brightest guys in the room. Well guess what. There's a new sheriff in town and he looks like a doofus. Time will tell if he's the difference maker we need. For now I'm just encouraged that we have some balance to the front office. Too many hot shots in pro sports these days. 

Give me some regular Joes. 

Give me Carter Hawkins. 

Give me The Doofus.