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Nice To See Angel Hernandez Is Still Getting His Reps In On The Little League Field

I think it grazed the corner? Maybe the worst strike call these eyes have seen, definitely the worst strike call the batters eyes have seen. Johnny on the mound sends a dying fish towards the plate, actually decent speed on it but nowhere near the plate. Hits towards the back of the opposite batters box and rolls to the backstop. Jimmy at the plate now has a hitters count at 1-0….until the ump goes full Angel on us and calls it a strike. The kid can’t believe it, he’s shocked. And he should be. I need to know why this was called a strike. Is there some run rule where every pitch is a strike if a certain team is up a lot? That has to be the case. And you know this batters dad was waiting by the umps car in em parking lot, no doubt about it. But at least the umpires are consistent, from little league to the minors to the bigs, they’re basically all trash.