Peak Athleticism: This Soccer Fan Carrying FORTY EIGHT (48!!) Beers In The Stands Because He Didn't Want To Take Multiple Trips

[Sun] - FC TWENTE fan Christiaan Roetgering has become the toast of Dutch football… after carrying 48 BEERS into a top-flight game.

He said: "I always go to the game with a group of friends, and each time one of us has the job of getting the beers in.

"This time it was my turn, and I didn't fancy having to keep going back and forth to the bar.

"So I decided to get everything in one visit.

Look at that face! That's the face of determination. That's the face of grit. That's the face of peak athleticism. I love this move so much because we all do it with groceries. But 48 beers at a soccer stadium? That's a whole different animal. Those things aren't the easiest to carry. But it's about the point of not having to take multiple trips. Having to go back and forth to the same spot is the worst, it's why we all carry 10 bags of groceries into the house at once. Deal with it when you get inside, but I'm not going back out to the car. I didn't even know you could order 48 beers at a time at a sporting event, but European soccer is different man. They just want that dollar and let you handle carrying it all. I wish there was video of him at the bar loading up the cargo. Had to have someone there to help him load it up, kept saying 'I got it, add one more' as the beers piled up. That's no easy feat. Actually the best part? It's not even the record. 

"But it's not a record - my friend Jochen has managed in the past to carry 50 beers in one go.

Jochen is a dude you need in your friend group. I love that despite this guy Christiaan going viral he's shouting out his friend. Listen you think 48 is impressive? That's nothing on my pal Jochen over there. Two dudes who love FC Twente, beer and supplying beer for their friends. Gotta think the people that sit around them love these dudes. You know you may be in for a beer and not have to leave your seat. That's a top-1 feeling while watching a game. 

PS: Just let Bills fans try this out in Nashville tonight. Need to see someone from Bills Mafia carrying beers there. They'll drink the place out.