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Barstool Signs International Superstar Expressions In Their Latest Conquest To Take Over World Media

I'd like to take this time to welcome the next superstar at Barstool Sports...Expressions. 

The Tottenham supporter and best friend of Troopz have completed the transfer and will be a part of the Barstool XI.

Expressions is Troopz 2.0, but if Troopz was a Tottenham supporter. He has the same comedy, the same ridiculous reactions, and the same devout following. Currently, he has 211k subscribers on YouTube and his chemistry with Troopz? Phenomenal.

They were recently together at the Football Content Awards:

Both Troopz and Ex were up for the content creator of the year award. Expressions finished third:

Here's a look at some of his best moments:

He's also more than just a football YouTuber....he's an entertainer.

Expressions completing his transfer is just another example of this company growing to places that most didn't think possible. It started with Troopz. He took a massive risk and moved to America away from his family and AFTV. He brought soccer to Barstool and showed us what was possible. Now it's time for him to team up with his best friend, Expressions. I have no idea how big these two will be able to get. I think the upside is limitless. A whole Barstool UK could emerge. Hell, it's pretty much already a thing with Paddy, Troopz, and now, Expressions.

Welcome aboard, Expressions. Can't wait for the North London Derby streams.