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The Haters Are Sick: Phil Hellmuth Has Won His Record 16th WSOP Bracelet



Phil Hellmuth gets a lot of hate in the poker community, but not from fans, but instead of his fellow pros. You see, Phil doesn't play the same as most- he plays a very old school style of poker which by all mathematical approaches *shouldn't* work...but somehow, it does. In a time where GTO is king and the best players use complex solvers (advanced computer programs that run simulations to let you know how much to bet/call/fold on any given hand/board texture), Phil instead uses what he calls "White Magic". He can't be bothered by solvers or any of that, he plays on feel, reads, instinct and image, as well as his natural poker talent and decades of experience. And he put it all together yesterday when he shipped his record 16th bracelet, this time in 2-7 NL Lowball, a very fun game that I wish was more popular. He beat our friend and former CA guest Jake Schwartz heads up for the title, which stung a bit because I would love to see Jake bring some hardware home, but also can't help but to be happy for Phil. Nobody loves it more than Phil. When he was on episode 99 of the podcast a few weeks back, you could feel his passion, he just fucking loves poker and loves WSOP bracelets. Like, it's all he cares about in the world. And he also loves sticking it to fellow pros who don't think he has what it takes to win em.

It's been a really, really great week at the WSOP for friends of the program as Chance Kornuth won the $10k short deck



Anthony Zinno who is probably the nicest guy in poker won his 2nd bracelet of the fall, this time in the $1500 HORSE.



And the pride of Quincy, Mass, Rampage won the $1,100 Venetian Main for over $200k!



Awesome week on the felt for the good guys.