You Should Be Allowed To Bring A Weapon And Defend Yourself In A Haunted House

FUCK YES QUEEN! This is quite literally the smartest shit I've seen since that fucker Nate from Ted Lasso called that wild triple-substitution to get the W against Tottenham during AFC Richmond's run in the FA Cup last season. Your boy over here is as anti-haunted house as they come so this was wonderful to see as I scrolled through Tik Tok this morning. I never understood the allure of them as you quite literally just roam around WAITING to be scared by actual humans dressed up in costumes and makeup pretending to be vampires, zombies, axe murderers, and everything in between so YEAH it's really not my cup of tea.

So I absolutely felt this girl's pain as growing up with the fear of haunted houses is something a lot of folks had to deal with come Spooky SZN every October. It was always such a demoralizing feeling when you hear your friends plotting Saturday night trip to Bayville Scream or Blood Manor while at school during the week only to know you inevitably have to feel like a loser and say you're too scared or simply go and nearly shit your pants. Being the massive pussy that I am I frequently chose option #1 throughout High school although I more than respect anyone that went with option #2 much like this girl did.

And on top of actually going she pulled a move worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize- hiding behind the one line those crazy actors cannot cross...the police. Innovative as all hell. The one thing I can't stop thinking about from this whole thing though is how a move this hilarious doesn't provoke the actor to break character. Those haunted house workers seem to NEVER break character. Good for them.