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It's About Time You Give Allie Quigley The Respect She Deserves

You're getting Chicago Sky blogs today and that's just the way it goes. Big Cat started the tradition many years ago during his first Blackhawks run. When you get a championship, you blog the shit out of that championship. That's the goal today. Chicago Sky coverage until I personally can't take any more. 

In this blog's case, I want to talk Allie Quigley. She shoots 96% from the FT line and almost 46% from 3. A nice local girl from Joliet Catholic Academy that spent her college years at DePaul. Definitely one of the best players in Chicago area but routinely overshadowed (like everyone else) by the overwhelming dominance of Candace Parker. Fast forward and she's spent 12 years in the WNBA grinding out league leading perimeter play and hitting contested jumpers.

But also important to note that Allie Quigley really didn't get that much time her first couple years in the league. Just riding the WNBA bench and making road trips and getting zero recognition. Then she makes it back home to the Sky in 2013 and the rest is history. She started getting regular playing time and since then has average 42% from deep and 90% from the charity stripe. The last two seasons alone she's 81-86 from the line for 94%. This is honestly some of the finest shooting in Chicago since the Steve Kerr days. Those were pretty fuckin real and this is no different. 

We're talking Allie Quigley because she absolutely DOMINATED game 4 yesterday in route to the Chicago Sky's first championship. The Mercury had a 9 point lead going into the 4th quarter with all signs pointing to a winner-take-all game 5. Then Allie Quigley simply went off scoring 11 of her team-high 26 in the last stanza which included going a monster 3-4 from deep to kick things off. Honest to goodness you don't have the monster Candace Parkekr game tying 3 if you don't have Allie Quigley plugging in the microwave out of the gate. More on Candace later but for now we're giving some love to Allie Quigley. The best shooter in Chicago if you want to go by the science and the data. Best shooter if you also consider total championships. 

Speaking of which, that was the Sky's first title. It probably won't be their last. More on this topic later today. Until then feast your heart on more Allie Quigley highlights. Tell me this isn't one of the best shooters you've ever seen.