Honest Question: Where Should We Put The Candace Parker Statue?

I want to start here because I still have a bad taste from yesterday's Bears game and it never hurts to remind everyone that Chicago is the most recent city to win a championship. Green Bay has 0 for basically the last decade. Don't forget that while you try to minimize the Sky winning the WNBA title. I care because I love championships. In a world of winners, losers and endless bitching, I think it's important to recognize championships. 

It's also important to point out that Wintrust Arena was rocking to the absolute core during the Finals. People don't talk about Wintrust Arena enough around town. The place is a prime time venue

I'm not trying to sell you guys season ticket packages. I'm just saying that Wintrust arena showed up when the city needed it most. If you haven't been down there, find a reason before the next championship. 

Easy to get to. Good pizza places all over. Dynamic branding and accessible bathrooms. This is how you do new stadiums which is a healthy reference point for a certain Chicago team considering a new stadium. 

Not to get ahead of myself but if you start with the Sky, then you get DePaul going. And if DePaul gets going in Chicago, then we can really own the basketball scene as a city with the Bulls about to win the Eastern Conference. Ultimately though it all starts with the Sky. Only reason we're even talking about the resurgence in the first place. If you think I'm joking then you don't know shit about me and need to start listening to Red Line Radio. Links at the bottom because I'm not done with my point yet. 


The best part about all of this though is Candace Parker coming home and doing it in her first season. She's the most promised women's basketball player of her life. She's done some amazing and crazy shit in a career that spans continents and decades and statistical accomplishments. She's done it everywhere but Chicago since leaving for Tennessee in 2004. It's so cool to see her back in Chicago delivering the title. If Derrick Rose did the same thing then we'd never stop talking about it. Candace Parker has been on this level for so long you almost lose sense of how impressive it is. 

Which brings me to my final point. Where do we put the Candace Parker statue? No player has done more to elevate the women's game since she showed up. Obviously Wintrust seems like a reasonable place but maybe there's more traditional locations. Naperville makes sense but it's Naperville. Maybe just let her pick? I'm flexibile with the decision should leadership grow the stones and get this thing sculpted and dedicated. 

Until then let the celebrations continue. The Sky earned it and Chicago deserves it. 


Rally inbound. 

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