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There's A New Soup Nazi In NYC Who's Kicking People Out Simply For Eating At Other Restaurants

NY Post- No seat for you!

Move over “Soup Nazi.” New Yorkers are now cowering under the gaze of “Belligerent Bennie,” the unpredictable owner of popular Edgar’s Cafe on Amsterdam Avenue, named after the great American poet Edgar Allan Poe.

Allen Sisk, 72, an Edgar’s regular for six years, says he got the heave-ho last week after Bennie found out Sisk recently ate two doors down at the Italian restaurant Scarlatto.

A shaken Sisk told The Post he was innocently eyeing desserts at Edgar’s counter when Bennie advised, “Why don’t you go next door?”

When Sisk responded, “Really?” Bennie replied, “I don’t want you here.”

When a stunned Sisk asked, “You don’t want my business?” Benny demanded Sisk leave and pointed towards Scarlatto’s.

Holy hell! We got a new real-life soup nazi on our hands in New York City now? That's actually pretty cool considering Seinfeld is getting that nice little bump from being on Netflix now. I almost need to go uptown to Edgar's Cafe to get yelled at by this man the Post has so aptly dubbed "Belligerent Bennie" after his actions. That simply sounds like an experience one needs to enjoy if it's making its way all the way to the newspaper. 

Now the kicker about Belligerent Bennie isn't that he's turning away patrons that don't instantly know their soup order...he's turning away people for dining at other restaurants! WHAT A MOVE! This sounds like the tune of Artie Bucco after everyone started experiencing Da Giovanni instead of Vesuvio. And for Belligerent Bennie to not even give an answer as to why he's turning away business instead of simply pointing to other the other restaurants his *former* customers have eaten ate is quite simply as diabolical as it gets.

And to top it all off Belligerent Bennie was a customer of the original soup nazi in New York that inspired our beloved Seinfeld character. It just keeps getting better and better! The apple clearly doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to angry old men running their restaurants.