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Bengals Offensive Lineman Asked Detroit Twitter For Food Recommendations, Promptly Throws Up On The Field And Blames Mom's Spaghetti

I know what we're all thinking. Lions fans 100% tried to sabotage Jackson Carman here, which is a move I can respect. You ask for food recommendations on the road, the opposing fan base should send you to something that will give you the runs and/or make you throw up. Just smart. Then again there's not much of a difference between Cincinnati and Detroit. Both cities love their coneys. Both cities have something with spaghetti. Whether it's putting chili on it or mom's spaghetti, there's a tie there. Speaking of which, this is some bad advertisement for Eminem. 

Then again whenever I hear about an offensive lineman throwing up, I immediately think of The Replacements when Jumbo eats a ton of eggs and then yaks all over the field. Just feels like something that happens more, especially with linemen. Can't think of a worse feeling though than being on the line, knowing you're going to throw up. Actually the worst would be in the huddle. Basically like watching a kid throw up. You can't go anywhere, you just have to brace yourself for the sound and smell of throw up. You can't even go anywhere. You have to go play a snap and hope you get a first down. Get away from the puke. 

I do think it's a smart move though to get ahead of the story here for Jackson. Just blame Mom's Spaghetti. Everyone knows what it means. One way to help protect Joe Burrow though. Maybe put that in the back pocket for when you play someone decent and not the Lions.