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Of Course Russell Wilson Is Currently Running A Pretend 2-Minute Drill By Himself During Pregame Warmups While He's On IR

Fucking Russ man. The dude is so try hard with this stuff that I think I almost *almost* respect It. Oh you're on IR? Most guys just relax, try to get healthy. Russell Wilson is going to go on the team plane, show up to the stadium and start running his own 2-minute drill. He legit looks like a little kid out here right now. Maybe it was just my weird brain, but I 100% ran a mock 2-minute drill as a kid pretending to be QB for the Giants. Mix it up and toss a pick only to restart the entire 2 minute drill. That shit always makes me laugh because we all did it, especially with basketball. You do the countdown *3, 2, 1* shot goes up and if it misses 'oh a foul!' We all were undefeated on winning make believe games in the driveway/back yard. 

Here's why I almost give Russ credit. He's not just out there getting some throws in or whatever. He's changing plays and barking out calls. That's the sort of delusion you need. Might as well get a mic, hop on the call and talk about how you were doing this and you always want to be there for your team and of course drop a 'I'm QB1 of the Seattle Seahawks.' Also love how there's no ball involved. He's legit making up the outcome of plays and it's beautiful. No doubt in my mind he has a notebook in his locker writing up fake stats about the drill too. Probably got pissed that Tyler Lockett dropped a pass. 

Never change Russ. It's good to know that he's still this big weirdo despite being awesome at football. Just sit back and relax dude. Hang out with Ciara.