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BREAKING: Major League Baseball Will Require Teams To Provide Housing For All Minor Leaguers Starting in 2022

Amid mounting pressure from players and advocacy groups, Major League Baseball will require teams to provide housing for minor league players starting in 2022, sources told ESPN.

While MLB has yet to outline its plan formally, six team officials told ESPN they are starting to prepare to help house players across each of their four minor league affiliates. In mid-September, according to sources, owners from the league's 30 teams agreed unanimously to a plan that would provide housing for minor league players. Whether they will offer stipends that fully cover housing or provide the lodging itself has yet to be decided, sources said. An MLB spokesperson said the league is finalizing the details of the plan.

 It's about goddamn time. It is absolutely insane how long it took, but Major League Baseball will finally provide housing for minor leaguers starting in 2022. For decades minor leaguers have scratched and clawed to get by while earning a wage so little it sat many of them below the poverty line. You'd think with all the money in baseball this wouldn't be a problem, but the minor leaguers have been fucked over more times than you can imagine. 

Here's a glimpse into how bad this situation has been. 

Illogical and disgraceful. 

Now the next thing MLB has to do is make it so these players get paid an honest wage. Even with housing provided, the current wages they're making are barely enough to afford food and other life essentials. You shouldn't have to be working side jobs if you're a pro baseball player. 

This is what minor leaguers in the A's organization were being provided for post-game meals. 

It has to stop and hopefully we're heading in that direction too. 

I wonder if this is a sign that labor talks might not be as bad as we think come the offseason. Certainly seems like a move by the owners to get things moving in the right direction so a work stoppage doesn't have to happen. 

Either way, good fucking shit. It's honestly not worth complimenting Major League Baseball because this really should have been done YEARS ago. Happy for all the minor leaguers out there though. This is a big win. 

P.S. Unless the new CBA has a salary floor, the Pirates are gonna have a payroll of like $10 million after this news