Even The British Think The NFL's Taunting Rule Is For Pussies

This was the scene yesterday in London as Jaguars fans (lol) let Ginger Satan and his minions know that their crusade to rid the league of any and all emotion is for fucking wankers.

Here was the play the refs threw a 15 yard flag on

Yo refs- Tyrone Lue. Ever heard of him?

Giphy Images.

Clearly, be definition, this is taunting. But who cares? It's the principle of the matter here. Let the players police themselves when it comes to taunting. Don't influence the game's outcome, or penalize emotion in the most physically demanding sport in the world.

Leave it to the NFL to take the brand overseas to try and grow the league, send two of its most awful teams (again), and then neuter those teams from displaying any personality whatsoever for the foreign fans. No wonder Roger gets paid the big bucks.

p.s. - never forget who spearheaded this bullshit. This fuckin asshole