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Patrick Mahomes’ Mom Has Come To His Defense To Let All Of Twitter Know Her Son's Interception Was Tyreek Hill's Fault

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Here's the pick in reference to the tweet.

Do I think Patrick Mahomes is one of the nicest and genuinely good dudes in the NFL? Yes I do.

Do I think he's extremely overrated? Yes, I also do. He's obviously an incredible quarterback who is insanely talented but for everybody to crown him last year before he got stomped in the SB, and say he's going to rewrite all of Brady's records, blah blah blah felt like we were taking crazy pills. He should thank his lucky stars every day of his life that Andy Reid drafted him into the absolutely ideal situation and that he didn't end up on the QB killing Bears. Because make no mistake about it, these picks he chucked today are straight out of the Bears' playbook. And there'd be a lot more of where that came from if he was lining up behind the Bears' sieve, running Mensa Matt Nagy's offense.

Do I feel bad for the kid despite all his success and fame? Yeah, I actually do. 

The old saying goes, "you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your family." And Patrick Mahomes' family sucks.

His brother might be the most insufferable young male on planet Earth not named Jayden Smith.

Pat clearly was too busy with football and baseball practice growing up and wasn't around the house to pound this kid. Only explanation.

And his fiancée has no idea how good she has it. She's almost as bad.

And now it turns out his mom's a giant pain in the ass too.

I haven't seen somebody throw somebody else under the bus that fast since Peyton Manning was in his prime.

Poor Patrick should just ice-out his entire family, stone-cold, Aaron Rodgers style. Until they get the hint. When they come to apologize he should institute a zero social media policy or continue the silent treatment. It's the only way. He doesn't deserve this shit.

p.s. - to be fair and balanced, his mom isn't wrong here. In fact, she's dead on. You just can't whine publicly like that as the mother of the Patrick Mahomes.

If the archaic dinosaurs at MLB can allow their official scorers to negate runs scored against due to errors, then the NFL can too. Nothing worse than a QB throwing a hail mary as time expires and having it picked off and it adding to their stat line. Or tip-drill bobbled over the middle only to be snatched away by a DB. UINT = Unearned Interceptions need to be a thing.

——— UPDATE ———

Right on cue, Mahomes’ brother classed it up today in D.C.