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Washington Is Going Into The Half WITH THE LEAD After Possibly The Worst Play Of Patrick Mahomes Career


Folks, is that Jon Gruden's emails, because that's one he'll like to get back. Hah, we have fun here on Sundays. You know what I'm saying? Just sitting on my couch, big sprawling views out my window (seriously, sprawling), and football on the ol' boob tube. And our Washington Football Team somehow has a LEAD at the half against the Chiefs thanks to the bad play from Jackson...no wait, Patrick Mahomes. That above play gotta be one of the worst, if not THE worst, play of his entire career. A complete brain fart from a guy who if you asked me 3 weeks ago, would have 400 yards and 6 TDs at the half. Instead he is 13/23 with 2 INTs. Gee golly miss molly, imagine if our WFT can pull this one off? 30 more minutes, hoping for the best (but expecting the worst).