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Watch: Not Even A Gun Can Stop Australian Spiders

First of all, this guy needs to hit a firing range and start working on his shot. You can't be missing point blank shots with a gel shooter when a spider is about to take over your entire house.

In fairness though, I would've crumbled under the pressure and probably have done the exact same, so I shouldn't be talking...

Spiders are my #1 biggest fear in the entire world - It's not even close to anything else. I went to visit Australia in 2018 and got up close with some of these disgusting insects and it was as terrifying as you'd imagine. They're literally the size of your hand and their webs look like fake Halloween decorations. I'm getting chills just thinking about it.

In one of the tours we did, I was in the northern part of Queensland journeying through the Daintree Rainforest. Awesome tour, would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting Australia (see below for a young MRags outdoors).

Anyway, as we were going through our tour I asked our tour guide, "What's the biggest spider you've seen here?" 

Guide: "Mate, the 'bird eating spider' is thick like you've never seen!"


Naturally I had to google it to make sure he wasn't fucking with me and…

Not to be dramatic, but I would DIE if I saw this thing. Wouldn't even attempt to run, I would just collapse with no heartbeat.

THANK GOD, I didn't see this thing while in the rainforest. However, I did have to take a piss and there was a certain somebody guarding the bathroom entrance.

Disgusting. Still get chills thinking about the spiders I saw over there. 

If you're staying in Sydney, there's virtually no spiders in the actual city. Once you venture outside to surrounding areas, keep an eye out.

Also it's probably worth noting, there's a reason why I hid from Vibbs this week…


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