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NFL Week 6 Round Up - AFC

Here is everything that happened in the American Football Conference during Week 6.

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

Miami Dolphins at Jacksonville Jaguars +3 (LONDON)
O/U 46.5


This one was across the pond as they say. And man oh man does this stadium look sick.

A cool thing they didn't show on the telecast before kickoff, because of course not, was the US Navy F15 flyover

Don't forget whose sport this is ya wankers.

The fans showed out!

And took to the field


Miami jumped out ahead in this, but Jacksonville battled back. 

This kid is good.

This one was all tied up at 20 and believe it or not the Jags prevailed as time expired.

He hooked it in.


And it's a party in Jacksonville as the 0-20 streak is snapped.

Dolphins 20
Jaguars 23

Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts -10
O/U 49.5

TY made his return to the 4-5.


This one was over before it even got a chance to start.

The Colts D looks better every week

Jonathan Taylor (Thomas) is silently making fantasy owners seasons this year. Stud.


The guy is currently averaging 5.42 YPC (87 carries) through 6 games in the 2021 season. He has 682 total yards. (113 yards from scrimmage per game).

Even Carson Wentz showed some flashes in this one.

I wish there were some Texans highlights to show here but there were none.

Texans 3
Colts 31

LA Chargers at Baltimore Ravens -3
O/U 51.5

Do you think Lamar Jackson ever gets nervous about a game? I don't. Just seems like one of those guys that's always as cool as a cucumber. Here he was before the game everyone was saying could be a divisional or AFC Championship matchup, with a bag of McDonald's like it was Tuesday morning film day.

Look who is alive!

Have a season Lamar.


Think the Ravens were feeling themselves yesterday? They posed for a full-on class picture.

I think this was the first game of his career I've seen Josh Herbert stink. Didn't help his guys dropped a lot of balls in this one, but he just seemed off all day. Maybe that cross country 10AM Pacific time game got him?

Chargers 6
Ravens 34

Arizona Cardinals at Cleveland Browns -3.5
O/U 48.5

This game's injury list looked like a phone book. 

Even Cardinals HC/man-babe Kliff Kingsbury was out of this one (along with 2 other coaches from his staff) due to Covid.

Lots of flags to start this one out.


Am I crazy or does there seem to be an obscene amount of flags being thrown so far this season as compared to years past?

Like this?

Baker with the Hail Mary before the half to keep his team from getting romped.

But Kyler Murray is a fucking freak show. I'm running out of words to describe this guy every week.

The Browns didn't stand a chance in this one. At home, against a team missing 12 guys and their head coach. 

Do they stink again?

Is OBJ holding back this team? They seemed pretty damn good with him out last year. Just saying.

The Cardinals remain unbeaten.

Cardinals 37
Browns 14

Las Vegas Raiders at Denver Broncos -4.5
O/U 43.5

Aggressive picture/tweet


The Post Jon Gruden era officially began.

Denver honored crazy eyes Mike Shanahan at halftime


Derek Carr had a fuckin day. He sliced up the Denver defense for 341 yards and two touchdowns, completed 18 of 27 for 341 yards with a QB rating 134.4.

Denver would have gotten blown out in this one but the Raiders turned the ball over 3 times, allowing them to stay somewhat in the game.

Raiders 34
Broncos 24

Dallas Cowboys at New England Patriots +3.5
O/U 50.5

This game was wild.

This Trevon Diggs guy is pretty decent huh? Pick 6 in clutch time gets you the big bucks.


I'd like to officially announce I'm on the Mac Jones Dick Suck Campaign Bandwagon now. Kid is pretty fucking good. And he answered the bell. Again.

Dak looked great in this one and continues to show people this season why he deserved that contract.

I mean look at the touch on this ball.

These two went back and forth like heavyweight fighters in the 2nd half, eventually heading to OT where this happened.

FUN FACTS - Dak Prescott's 445 passing yards are the most against a Patriots team coached by Bill Belichick.

The Patriots were 102-2 at Gillette Stadium when they had a halftime lead before this one.

That was the Cowboys first win over a Bill Belichick led Patriots team.

Cowboys 35
Patriots 29

Seattle Seahawks at Pittsburgh Steelers -4.5
O/U 42.5

People were clowning Russell Wilson for being a weirdo before the game. But need you be reminded, this man is one the best QBs in the league, and more importantly, fornicates with Ciara on what I presume is a nightly basis.

So laugh it up.

The guy from the Head and Shoulders commercials was in the house

The Steelers D showed up for this one

Big Ben unfortunately?

Najee Harris continues to create ridiculous plays week in and week out

This one also went to OT, where TJ Watt came up HUGE for the Steelers

That setup the game winning FG.

Seahawks 20
Steelers 23

Tonight we've got the Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans +6 (53.5)

The NFC Roundup coming up next.