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This Is How I Got A Warzone Win With Patriots OLB Matt Judon

Greg M Cooper. Shutterstock Images.

You know Mr. Red Sleeves as a beast on the football field, but he's equally as good when he's playing Call of Duty. 

Last week, Matt Judon invited me to play some Warzone so I accepted the invite without even thinking. He's having an insane year on the Patriots and my guy is still grinding Warzone and streaming on Twitch (find his stream here).

Anyway, we get into some Rebirth games and I got left in an opportunity to clutch up and secure the dub:

Felt good to pull through for Judon and the boys. Like Matt, I've been enjoying Rebirth a lot more than Verdansk lately. Faster pace, much more action and a TON of less cheaters.

Hopefully this week I get to run games back with #9.

My OTs 9 Loadout: