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MEEP MEEP: UTSA’s Football Team Ranked In The Top-25 For The First Time In School History

After beating the brakes off of Rice yesterday 45-0, the Roadrunners are sitting pretty at 7-0, 1st in Conference USA, and ranked for the first time in school history. I started going to UTSA when the team was announced. It was awesome. Larry Coker was the inaugural head coach and did a great job getting the team off the ground but that soon soured and the team struggled for the better part of a decade.

Now, Coach Traylor has the team heading in the right direction and fans are showing up to the Alamo dome to support the roadrunners. It’s fucking awesome. The best part is that they are playing an exciting brand of football with lots of home grown talent.


That’ll do.

Two pick sixes on the day.

Let’s push it to 8-0 next week, fellas. Meep meep.