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Look At This Wanker In A #69 Jaguars Jersey Running Onto The Field Right As The Game Kicked Off

So here's what television viewers saw right as the Dolphins and Jaguars were kicking off in London this morning. The commentators announced that "a fan had run onto the field".

And now the video is coming out of what that actually looked like:

Bloody hell, this chap is lucky that UK security doesn't go through the same training program as the security guards in the United States. Not only did he get to take a nice Sunday morning stroll out on the pitch, he then got to dap up some of his favorite players. Looked like a guy walking into a fraternity pregame, giving a big bro hug to everyone in sight. And the Jaguars obliged! 

Meanwhile, in the United States:

Giphy Images.

I guess this is how you grow the game over there on the other side of the pond? Make it a real interactive experience for the fans. Drink a couple too many pints until you're off your trolley, stroll out onto the field, dap up your favorite players that you only get to see once a year, and then the nice security officers will gently escort you back to your seat.