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Good Morning To Sean Taylor And Sean Taylor Only


So today is the day and they are really going through with it. It's unfortunate the honoring of Sean Taylor went down like this, and I do not think the majority of Washington football fans will ever, ever, ever forgive the organization for how they handled this. Retiring Sean's number was the one thing that could have gotten myself and many others like me back to FedEx Field. To finally return to that dump and cheer on the team, despite never wanting to give a single dollar ever again to Dan Snyder. And they blew it. They announced it on 3 days notice, as a PR stunt to try and rectify their image after the email leaks. It's one of the scummiest, disheartening, slimiest moves Dan Snyder has made in the last 20 years, and that's saying A LOT. 

But all of that aside, this is still Sean's day. Even though the front office has butchered it in every way it can be butchered, today is still all about Sean. Even though it feels wrong, even though this ceremony should have been announced months in advance, giving WFT fans ample time to book travel and get tickets, and even though it all feels fucked up, let's try to honor Sean and his legacy today. It's not his fault Dan Snyder is the worst human being on the planet, and I'm going to remember that today. 

HTTR and Fuck Dan Snyder Forever.