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Tennessee Fans Rained Trash on Lane Kiffin and Ole Miss After a Blown Call Ended the Most Insane Game of All-Time

Yeah, I don't know what to say other than this really sucks. Don't do this.

It sucks that Tennessee and Ole Miss played an awesome football game and all anybody is going to talk about is this shit. There was an objectively atrocious spot that may have cost Tennessee a chance at the win, but that's not how you react to it.

With that said, tonight was the culmination of a lot more than one missed call or one bad night of officiating. Tennessee fans have put up with way too much shit for way too long and this was the one moment things went wrong.

As if that wasn't insane enough, the Vols got a stop when the game resumed and got the ball back and got down near the red zone with one final play to win. It went about how you'd expect the final play of this ridiculous game to go.

That's Tennessee football for y'all. For any other school, this night would be talked about for decades. For us, this is just Week 7.