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Purdue's Offensive Lineman Sees A Beer Thrown Onto The Field, Pours Said Beer All Over His Face While Beating No.2 Iowa 24-7

Yep, that's it. That's the picture that needs to be sent to every award and win it. Offensive lineman Greg Long wearing number 69? You kidding me? This is gold. Iowa was always a bit of a fraud, sorry Trent. They survived on getting a million turnovers a game. That's it. That's all they did. Purdue took care of the ball and look what happened. They were never the 2nd best team in the country (or the Big 10). But this isn't about Iowa. This is about a lineman seeing an opportunity and striking. Up 24-7 and needing a cold beer? Bam. Pour that shit all over your face and then get back to West Lafayette and have a Saturday. This is why college sports remains undefeated. Shout out Greg Long, one of the most Purdue names of all time.