There Can't Be Any Worse Feeling Than Kneeling Instead of Spiking the Ball to Lose a Game

Oh no.

It takes a lot to make me feel bad for somebody in a Division III football game between two schools I've never heard of, but this did it. I can't imagine what that quarterback feels like right now.

Wisconsin-Platteville needed to just spike the ball with a few seconds left and would have had about a 32-yard field goal from the middle of the field for the win. Instead, the quarterback forgot where he was, took a knee and the clock ticked down to 0:00. The definition of pain.

And there's nothing you can say or do as one of his teammates, either. Players throw interceptions and fumble all the time; those are mistakes you live with and try to correct going forward. But this was just a fuck-up. No other way to describe it.

If there's any silver lining whatsoever, Platteville was at home, so at least those kids won't have to ride a bus back to campus after that fiasco, but I'll admit that's a reach. Not too much good to be taken from that one.