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Good Ole Fashioned Mud Bowl

I once wrote a blog about turf fields and whether they were worth all the injury and potential cancer risks,

But I realized they are absolutely not worth it because turf fields have been robbing us of the spectacle of amazing mud bowls.

The game of football is very complex but when the elements see fit the game devolves into a sheer battle of will. You see the 21st century has brought us much complex offensive and defensive schemes, but when the field gets slick, the game reverts back to its primal origins. When the muds on the field football aren't about passing yards, punts, first downs, it's about gaining land. The game turns into a head-down north-south battle that gives the advantage to mass and strength as opposed to speed and agility. This is the game that the leatherheads played. This was the type of football Teddy Roosevelt had to step in to regulate because there were too many deaths.  

It's a rare sight to see a game where the players don't know who is friend or foe due to how much mud is all over them. Turf is ruining the game of football, we need more grass.

This game was a conference championship between Leo Highschool and Dekalb. A 14-0  grinder check out the highlights here.