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Every Football Game Should Start With Rock, Paper, Scissors Instead of a Coin Toss

These Illinois high schools have set the standard for the beginning of a football games which all of us should follow going forward.

The coin toss is boring and played out. It's completely up to chance. Get out there and play rock, paper, scissors and you not only make it way more fun, but you also give coaches and players another opportunity to gain an advantage. Can you imagine college and NFL head coaches spending an hour during the week studying an opponent's RPS tendencies? That would be awesome.

Football is a game about preparation. What better way to determine who gets the ball than adding some strategy into the start?

I'm mostly just happy this ref made the kids go on "shoot." It's, "Rock, paper, scissors, SHOOT," and if you play that game any way other than that, you're objectively incorrect and I kinda hate you. Good on that official.