The Whitney Alumni Winner

The Whitney alumni boost is an all-time favorite. The fact he was a suitcase is amazing and this bet allows the Chiclets gang to make some money on Whits pain. Well, the pain might be an overstatement since he was paid!! I love it and I’ll be watching it with the man himself. It’s really a win-win… 

Murls Take:  The Pens have the home opener and the place will be ready to urge this Pens team to stay above .500 in the early part of the season. Look for Rust to have a game.  The Panthers are a wagon and when the visiting Isles smell the ocean it should be enough of a distraction to get the W. The Oilers are the late game and if you are still awake while finishing the last Pink Whitney of the day Mcdavid will have a game in this battle for Alberta part 1!

Find this boost on Barstool Sportsbook under exclusives + Bet with Chiclets: LETS GOO!

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