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Mo Salah Scored The Most Impressive Goal We've Seen All Year

I'm no expert but that's just about the most impressive goal I've seen all year. And I don't even know when the year for soccer starts. Quite honestly I don't believe it truly stops. But I also can't just say this is the best goal ever - because it's not. So I'm trying to think of an appropriate designation and I'm going with Year. That feels right. 

Either way Mo Salah is fucking awesome. He's just legitimately better than everyone else. This dude just fires absolute rockets in like a phone booth worth of space. It's like having nasty NHL dangles but with your feet and in real life. It's impossible not to appreciate this kind of beauty. Him and Mane on the front lines is borderline diabolical. 

Liverpool absolutely destroyed Watford today. Mo Salah had a hat trick. Another guy scored 2 more. There's no signs of Liverpool slowing down and I think they're currently 3rd best odds to win the league. Value anyone? Yes. Monster value. Go to the Sportsbook for the action. 

Good time to get in on the EPL. This is my second full season and I still don't have a team so I just end up watching most of the games and betting on a draw. I've been meaning to find a team but it's just so fucking hard. Maybe one of these days but for now let's just appreciate Mo Salah. Guy is an absolute freak of nature.