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With All Due Respect, Great White Sharks Don't Have Shit On The Orca

Orca punts a seal 80 feet in the air: 

It wasn't a blowout fight but there was some conflict this week on the snake draft regarding aquatic superiority in the animal kingdom. We're past the point of spoilers so I'll just come out and say that I took Orcas in the 1st round, 4th overall. Eddie followed in the wrap around 2nd, 8th overall with the Great White Shark. Intimidating for sure, but objectively no contest when compared to an Orca. You don't need to be a marine biologist from an early 2000's romantic comedy to know that fact. When it comes to the ocean, nobody fucks with the Orca. 

Supporting my fact is a story that should be pretty uncomfortable for you to read. So don't go any further if you can't handle this kind of stuff. That's your warning. But basically Orcas love to kill Great White Sharks and then eat their livers and ballsacks. They basically cut the sharks' throats and suck their guts out. From an autopsy last summer in South Africa: 

Newsweek - All of the sharks internal organs were intact—but they had no livers. It is thought the whales bit down on the sharks' pectoral fins to tear open their body cavities and devour the fatty, nutrient-rich organ which makes up a third of the animals' weight.

There's dominating another species and then there's being able to bite down on a pectoral fin and tear out a nutrient rich liver from one of the planet's most feared predators just for pleasure. This is a behavior pattern that touches on both and it should resoundingly put the Orca in a different category. There shouldn't be a debate. There shouldn't be a trace of conflict or really even collegial discourse about the comparison. There is no comparison. It's Orca #1 and then sure maybe a distant #2 you could say Great White Shark but that's like Alabama playing Notre Dame for the 2012-13 title. I guess they're on the same field but we're talking about a different type of game. 

In any event, people are calling this one of the more entertaining Snake Drafts in recent weeks. Personally it's hard for me to tell because it's my own smell. You're generally immune to your own body odor unless it's really bad. That's how your brain works and it's kinda the same point for Snake Drafts. It's still amusing people actually want to listen and argue with us about stuff like animals and redneck shit. The internet is the best. Go listen to the show and tell me if it sucks.