Greatest TE In Eagles History Zach Ertz Has Been Traded To The Arizona Cardinals

Well, shit. We all knew it SHOULD happen at some point as Zach Ertz was a lame duck, aging 30-year-old on the final year of his contract just eating up a roster spot with a shit ton of money on a team that ain't wining anything. But, shit. It's a sad realization to finally see a Zach Ertz trade come to fruition. Good on Howie for getting something - ANYTHING - before just letting him walk. 

123 games, 579 receptions, 6267 yards, 38 TD's in an Eagles uniform. Boss. Almost even more impressive he racked up those yardage and TD numbers while breaking 0 tackles for -YAC yards. But make no mistake about, and no shade to Brent Celek, Keith Jackson, Chad Lewis, Pete Retzlaff, or Mike Ditka (major shade to the likes of LJ Smith), Zach Ertz is the greatest TE in Eagles history. And his off the field contributions with his wife Julie are just as impressive what he did on the field. Godspeed Zach Ertz. 

Fantasy owners should be putting in claims for Zrtz IMMEDIATELY. The TE is going to be an absolute MONSTER in the Cardinals offense. 3rd-4th option where he only has to catch the ball and not have to worry about breaking tackles? Rack City: Population Ertz..Goodnight, sweet blonde haired prince. May you prosper well in the desert sun. 

PS - Rone talk Zach Ertz and more on Barstool Philly's podcast, First Time Long TIme. We'll hang up and listen. Go Howie Go!