It Only Took Seattle Kraken Fans Two Games to Start Throwing Haymakers in the Stands

I must say, everything about this is befuddling to me.

First of all, I'm pretty shocked to see this from my fellow Preds fans. I know we're going to suck this season and the product on the ice isn't what we want, but I've just never seen anything like this happen in Nashville. What happened to Southern hospitality? I guess if there is one positive, though, it's at least that our guy in the Filip Forsberg jersey absolutely dominated this Kraken fan. His pants even fell all the way down to his knees at one point and he just kept kicking ass.

My real question, however, is how the hell did this fracas even start? If the Blackhawks or Blues were in town, it would make sense. A rival fan starts talking shit, one thing leads to another and then a fight breaks out. But what could possibly have roused a fan of a team playing its second game ever to end up in a situation where he takes a revolving door of punches in Bridgestone Arena?

I guess the league is on notice now that Kraken fans are coming into your arena mad as hornets. Everybody keep your head on a swivel when Seattle comes to town.

At least we won the fight last night. The Predators will always be a footnote in hockey history as the first team to ever lose to the Seattle Kraken.