BRIGHT LIGHTS! Charlie McAvoy Cashes In With An Eight Year, $76 Million Dollar Extension With The Bruins

BRIGHT LIGHTSSSSSSS!!!! Chuckie Mac has signed a big ticket extension in Boston, 8 years, $9.5 million per, $76 million total. So well deserved. I think Bruins fans are so used to seeing team friendly deals (which Don Sweeney excels at), but this is MORE than fair for Charlie McAvoy, especially after seeing what some other defensemen got this summer I thought it could've been higher.. Charlie McAvoy is going to be a Boston Bruin for a long time and that should fire you the fuck up. Biggest contract in B's history.

LFG. Season preview blog coming at you later. Puck drops tomorrow night. Franchise defenseman extended. Let's have a year.

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