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Arkansas Landed A Top-10 Recruit So Muss Had The Only Acceptable Celebration ... Showed Up To A Frat And Threw Down A Dunk*

Fucking Muss man. Like I said, I'm friendly with him and the staff down there and have been since the Nevada days. But I'm getting pretty sick of him doing good at Arkansas. The Kentucky/Arkansas rivalry is one of the more forgotten ones since Arkansas was average at best for so long. But in the 90s? That rivalry was legit until Florida took over the Arkansas role. They have an insane fan base, Bud Walton is always loud as shit and obviously they have some history with the 94 title and 95 championship game showing. Shout out Corliss Williamson. 

But Muss is doing it different down there. Clearly the guy knows how to use social media to his advantage. He also knows how to recruit. Arkansas landed Jordan Walsh, the highest ranked player currently left in the class of 2022. This is what gets me nervous about Muss as a Kentucky fan. (h/t ESPN) 

"Coach Musselman thinks I should only be there for a year," he said. "They have a plan for me from day one until the end of the season and that was important to me. They had a huge plan on a whiteboard that was the size of a wall. To know they believe in me that much meant a lot. Their plan for me is to come in and play impactful minutes. To play one through four and utilize my versatility. The NIL (name, image and likeness) was a factor, and it's nice to know it is there, but my goal is to be in the NBA."

Even in that quote Muss is recruiting. He's using NIL, he's using one-and-done, he's using everything to his advantage and now you have a top-10 recruit saying it for you. That's a Calipari special. That's a K special. And now they get a guy who is regarded as one of the better two-way players in the class. Obligatory mixtape time. 

But we gotta talk about Muss and his celebration. Showing up to a frat in full practice uniform and then dunking on a rim that my son dunks on. Come on Muss. You played D-1 ball. You're not that old. Up that shit to at least 6 feet, maybe 7 feet. You could argue that no one gets it more than Muss. He's always walking around campus and visiting random places like this. See you guys Feb. 26 at Bud Walton since the SEC didn't feel like bringing Arkansas to Lexington.