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Arch Manning Loses On National TV

Arch Manning lost on national T.V last night. I do not want to sound like I am beating up on a 17-year-old, I actually think these types of losses are the important ones. Trevor Lawrence never lost a regular-season game in his career till he was a Jaguar, something I do not think will help in his future. Part of being a good QB is being able to deal with adversity. Arch Manning was in a position to win the game in a final drive with 45 seconds left. I am not labeling Arch Manning a bust, I actually think this loss will be more crucial to the rest of his career than a win would have been. See right now we are witnessing the losses that make a great quarterback, unfortunately for Arch, he is under a microscope. Noone saw the losses that made Brady hate losing, no one saw the losses that made them the competitors we see today. This game is one of them. Dealing with losing is something that a lot of top recruits never deal with. Dealing with having the opportunity to win a game and falling short is a lesson that many do not learn. The bounceback Arch has in the coming season will be more telling about what kind of QB he is than anything. Adversity makes good quarterbacks, not just winning around amazing talent. 

There was a ton of great plays by Arch. The kid is extremely talented, but I believe he benefitted way more from this game than any win. 

Arch will be fine and honestly hope that all the national spotlight doesn't fuck up his career. But I rather draft a QB with losses in their history that show they are good rather than someone who has never lost at all.

Games like these do nothing to help develop QBs