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A New National Nightmare Has Begun: Addison Rae's Tiktok Account Has Been Permanently Banned

There comes a day in every journalist's life where she is faced with the tall task of delivering gruesome news. Working in an industry like this is not for the faint of heart - it's upsetting, disruptive, unimaginable pain at times. Today, I am tasked with the unfortunate burden of alerting the public to the earth shattering truth...Addison Rae has been permanently banned from Tiktok.

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Addison, let me be the first to say - I am so sorry for your loss. To receive such disrespect from an app that you carried on your back (almost single-handedly, stan Charlie for clear skin) is too much heartbreak for us to handle. It feels like just yesterday you were throwing it back to The Kid Laroi in a Versace dress at the Met Gala. What's with these Tiktok guidelines, anyway? Just the other day I posted a video of myself, smoking an entire joint. Tiktok removed it for the same reasons they removed YOU! I call bullshit! I thought this was America? What, we forgot about Free Speech and the small print that comes directly after it, reading "And The Ability To Post Thotty Videos And Weed On The Internet"? Disgusting. Repulsive. 

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So please, Addison, accept my personal condolences, as well as the support and love from all of us who won't even consider opening the app without you, no matter how many new Doja Cat/Adele remixes there are.