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Bucs Don't Show Much Brotherly Love To Hapless Birds While Philly Fan Struggles With Basic Math

Tom Brady was not messing around. Came out hot marching the Bucs right down the field for a touchdown. My blockhead friend then thought it'd be a good idea to bet Brady going three and out the next series. Spoiler alert: it didn't work out.

My guy JPP got into the stat sheet with his first half sack of the season!

To make things even better, after my co-worker, Barstool Lenny scored his first touchdown, he gave the ball to an adult!

I mean, look how happy this guy is!!

The Eagles made a game out of it. Down 14 they scored a touchdown and my dumb pal Smitty decided he likes playing football like it's the 1990s and urged the Birds to kick an extra point. Not the analytical move. 


Hard to blame a guy for being so bad at math when his city can't even reduce basic fractions. Get it together Philly!

All in all I'm thrilled my football team is 5-1. Next up: Chicago. See you soon Big Cat…