Thirsty Thursday is here and Chiclets wants goals!!

Thirsty Thursday is here and Chiclets wants goals!!

Happy Hour on a Thursday is a staple in anyone's workweek.  Sports are on the tv and there is always a deal to be had at the bar you choose.  These happy hours can range from one drink to an excess amount which is why the 5 for 5 fits perfectly for a Thursday.  These games have you covered from 7 p.m. until Midnight on the east coast which is perfect since RA is available to write a doctor's note for Friday if you DM him. So bet this boost and order Pink Whitneys 3 at a time and let's cash!!! 


MTL has a game under their belt so the legs will be moving but the real wild card is the Sabres. I have heard that they want to play an up-tempo game and let the players take chances. For Pitt can Jarry really shut the door against a Panthers team that can score? I do not think so. Kraken have shown they can score and definitely be scored on. How about that go from opening night in Vegas and that nightclub atmosphere to Nashville where the fans are just as intense.. a tough draw. The Knights game should be wide open with a young squad for LA still figuring out who they are and the Knights scoring on the PP is a good sign for goals. The toughest game for the boys will be the Isles vs. Hurricanes but with goalie changes in Carolina, I think it will get there with an empty net.

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