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BREAKING: The St. Louis Cardinals Have Fired Manager Mike Shildt

I never liked Mike Shildt personally because he reminds me of your textbook adult Cardinals fan. Those guys are all over the place in Central Illinois. They're super serious and they wear short sleeved button up shirts tucked in and old eye glasses and they're always crossing their arms and complaining about fundamentals. Those guys litter the campus of University of Illinois. That's a weird personal thing but those guys just generally suck. Call me biased because I am. I hated how much Mike Shildt looked like and represented the very fanbase he lead. Go back to Cracker Barrell Mike - no disrespect to CB. 

It's alarming to me because the Cardinals would get so hot under him. I'm not pulling the sabermetrics but he seemed impossible to beat in the 2nd half, particularly this one. And he did it with a rag tag starting pitching staff that was on average 47 years old. 

End of the day though they made monster moves and have done a great job bringing up young talent to support the superstars. They probably only have another short window with Wainwright being healthy and Nolan/Goldy in their prime. Windows close a lot quicker than people seem to think and without any juicy details, it seems the Cardinals have a better name in mind. 

Surprising to see the difference between them and the Brewers. Craig Counsel would be the last guy fired at this point whereas the Cards are legit all in on the players. Somewhere in the middle is the Cubs. They'll blame the first person available without catering to any players. But let there be no doubt those 3 clubs couldn't be any different at this point. 

Personally I'm happy any time there's conflict with the Cardinals. Even if Mike Shildt is a good and honest man, he can kiss my ass. The Cardinals suck and I'm coming off a miserable baseball season. You better believe this is good news for me. I hope the next guy is even worse. God knows the Cubs need it.