Old Jewish Men Are Protesting To Lower Pastrami Prices & I Stand By Them

This is a FACT! Pastrami prices for old Jewish Men need to be lowered. My friends and I always used to take the hour drive to the city to try famous food places in the city when we were bored (yes I'm the only fat in the group despite what you may think) so I've been going to Katz's for YEARS. I'm very much on the train that it's one of the few tourist spots in New York City that positively & absolutely LIVE UP to the hype. Katz's deli literally makes me horny. The Pastrami Sandwich is the stuff of gods especially when I add on the Swiss cheese, cole slaw, and Russian Dressing. It's a top 5 meal of my life! BUT that sangy sure is expensive. A sandwich, fries, and a drink will run you just about $30 at Katz's which is STEEP. 

Now I find it to be so tasty that I'll happily pay the $30 especially when I'm eating it drunk after a night of shenanigans in the Lower East's literally orgasmic in that scenario. But these old Jewish men? Should these guys be paying that hefty $30 price tag? OF COURSE NOT! These fellas have probably been frequenting that wonderful establishment since a black & white television was the newest technology and for that they should be getting a senior citizen discount so they could enjoy their beloved pastrami at a decent price.

Movie theaters do it. Chili's does it. Car rental places do it. Gyms do it. Kohl's does it. Grocery stores do it. There's NO REASON Katz's deli shouldn't be doing this. They're so big they might as well be one of the places I just mentioned. So do the right thing Katz's & lower Pastrami prices for old Jewish men.