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Jason Sudeikis “Accidentally” Leaked The Ted Lasso Season 3 Storyboard On Seth Meyers

COME ON SUDEIKIS! How can you let this fly on fucking national television? Season 2 literally just ended than next thing I know I accidentally have the whole fucking storyline for season 3 leaked to me. Isn't this shit supposed to be top, top, top SECRET? Like scripts delivered with each actors name stamped on there so if anyone leaks said script they'll know who the rat is type of secret? I guess not. And now my year is ruined.

I mean Ted dies in EPISODE 2?!?!? Not even the season finale?!?! How tragic is that gonna be? Although I would love to see how a Ted Lasso funeral works- I'd envision something being left in his will where he requests a non-traditional funeral in which there's no casket and Billy Joel or Hall & Oates performs. Next things you know a few episodes pass and the biscuits with the boss are laced with cocaine AND Roy has a small dick. Just when you think that's not enough that FUCKER Nate wins the British Bake-Off (hopefully after getting fired from West Ham), Jamie Tartt turns out to be a ghost, AND to top it all of Coach Beard is revealed to be the Zodiac Killer...even though that one sounds kind of believable.

In all seriousness though this is just another wholesome move from America's most beloved man, Jason Sudeikis. Right now you can't stop can only hope to contain him! I actually wouldn't be opposed to Roy getting really, really fat though. We could use Roy Kent on team fat.