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Battlefield 2042 Just Announced A Battle Royale Mode Called "Hazard Zone"

Well, well, well. It looks like Battlefield 2042 will be dropping with a battle royale! 

Since this game was announced, I kept saying that this game NEEDED a battle royale to compete with Warzone and Apex Legends. I'm happy to see that they will be included it with the game, but I really hope the full game will play better than the beta.

My BF2042 Beta review:


The Hazard Zone seems interesting because it appears to be more than a straight up battle royale. Squads will be locating and retrieving Data Drives scattered throughout the map while enemies are trying to recover those same data drives. This could cause for more action and mayhem because squads will be fighting for the same objectives instead of a traditional BR where players are just avoiding the gas.

It's certainly a step in the right direction for BF2042. If Battlefield truly wants to compete with Warzone, than this mode will be free to play. I haven't seen anything about price yet, so we'll wait and see.

Are you hype for the Hazard Zone mode?