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Xander Schauffele Said His Hangover After The Ryder Cup Was The Worst Since College, Took Some Time Off Golf To Sober Up

[Source] - "I'm speaking for a lot of people that I talked to, we all let it hang loose in the end and had a really good time," said Schauffele, who could be seen chugging a hard seltzer on one knee when the U.S. win became official. 

"I had to sober up after my little episode there in Wisconsin, so I'm feeling much better, much more alive."  

I've never been so happy to buy stock in Xander early in his career. Dude is going to win a major at some point. He's going to be a staple of Team USA along with his playing partner Patrick Cantlay. He's also just a regular ass dude.

 Chugging High Noons, letting loose after a win and realizing you're not in college anymore? That's every single person around the age of 27. Xander is right at that age and let me tell you that's when the hangovers really kick in. 

If you're not 27 yet, just be aware, it's coming. I'm not talking the old oh it'll be fine. No, no. I'm talking two-day hangovers. I'm talking a hangover that hits when you feel like you've only had a couple beers. That's the post-27 life. I'm not saying to stop partying, lord knows I refuse to stop acting like a 24-year old. The point is you have to adapt to handle the next morning. Stock the fridge with drinks you want, have the food delivery prepared. It becomes a  mental game as much as a physical game. 

Anyways, back to the golf portion of the blog. He's teeing off today out at the CJ Cup in Vegas. Seems like a great place to start the year after drinking your ass off in Wisconsin. People always are laid back in Vegas. I'm calling it now. Xander is going to win a major this year. He's had top-10 finishes at all 4 majors in his career. He's had top-3 finishes at the Masters, Open and US Open. Currently +1400 to win the Masters and +2000 to win the Open at St. Andrews on the Barstool Sportsbook. Fire away (responsibly). 

Dude loves to party and has to deal with hangovers. A people's golfer has emerged.