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Video: Actor's Spot On Impression Of Robin Williams Goes Viral, Sparks Rumors Of Biopic

When it comes to movies there's few things worse than a bad impersonation, & for that reason I normally brace myself when it comes to biopics. If the casting isn't perfect you can find yourself hyper-focused on it, cringing through the entire thing & therefore unable to get into the story. Some examples would be Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor & Colin Farrell as Alexander the Great. Lots of bad wigs, 'mehh' acting, & cheap looking costuming. Not great. 

So when I saw a screen test for "Robin" (possibly based off Dave Itzkoff's biography???) was making the rounds I prepared myself to hate it. Instead I was blown away:

Fans are now begging for a full movie with Costa in the role, but I looked around online & am unsure if one is actually in the works yet. I feel like it would be odd for him to release the screen test before any studio announced the project, but it was so professionally done that I have to imagine something is underway? 

And this isn't the first time he's taken on the daunting challenge of emulating the great actor. In 2015 Costa also went viral with a tribute to Williams where he nailed 20 impressions from the late actor's brilliant career: 

As for the recent screen test video, I'm sure it was done out of excitement & good intentions, but so many people sent it to Zelda Williams that she took to Twitter essentially saying, 'Great work, but for the love of God please have the smallest bit of empathy & stop sending it to me." The scene is from a tragic moment of her dad's life when he found out John Belushi had passed, after hanging out with him the night before

Here's the full video (which has over 3M views in less than 3 days now):