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Is It Acceptable to Sob Like a Child in Your Friend's Arms After Your School Loses a Football Game?

I applaud anyone who's able to get through all 45 seconds of that video without becoming extremely uncomfortable, because I couldn't do it. That's tough to watch.

This young man was more than a little upset after Texas blew an 18-point second half lead to lose its fourth straight game against Oklahoma. He's full-on sobbing in the arms of his best friend like his dad just died. I've had some tough moments as it relates to sports — and definitely sat staring at the ceiling for several hours wondering why the hell anyone cares about guys wearing certain colors tossing a ball — but I can confidently say I've never done this.

I must say, though, this guy has a pretty great friend and girlfriend. His friend for allowing him to collapse into his arms and let it all out and his girlfriend for trying to get people to stop filming and get him out of there. Something tells me this might not be their first rodeo with having to get him out of public view for one reason or another.

Regardless, you simply can't collapse into your buddy's arms sobbing after this loss. Sure, it's a big game, but it's not like there was a conference championship on the line or anything. These teams play every single year. You know how many times I've seen Tennessee beat Alabama since 2006? Not once, pal. Haven't shed a single tear. Grow up.

Jack Mac put it perfectly. This guy simply won't make it when he has to go through a stretch of Alabama, Florida and Georgia in three weeks. Welcome to the SEC, bud.