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Dan Snyder Has Decided To Retire Sean Taylor's Number On Sunday, Using Sean as a PR Stunt In Another New Low For The Organization


After the last couple of days you might have been thinking "how will Dan Snyder turn this around?". But sometimes we forget how awful of a human being Dan Snyder is. Using Sean Taylor as a PR stunt and retiring his number on 3 days notice is everything you need to know about how slimy Dan Snyder can be. Truly just a bad person through and through. 

This entire thing is a travesty. Sean Taylor is just about the only player any fan of the WFT cares about. The only player we would travel to see a number retiring ceremony for. And they announced it on 3 days notice. 3. Amidst a huge PR crisis. The day after a report came out about how they have the worst attendance in the league. It's insane how stupid this team can be. I am stunned, and I've seen it all. 3 days notice. 3. The entire crowd will be Chiefs fans. They didn't even give Sean Taylor fans a chance to be there for quite literally the only reason a Washington fan would step foot in that god forsaken stadium.

Some are saying this has been planned for weeks



Let's say this is true. Let's believe it. So that would truly mean the plan was ALWAYS to announce it like this? No fanfare, just a tweet? 3 days before the game? That was ALWAYS the plan???? 

Worst god damn organization in sports. Pathetic. Truly, truly, truly pathetic.