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'The Challenge Lies Spies And Allies' Week 10 Recap And Power Rankings: TJ Lavin Hit Us With The Rare TRIPLE Twist That Changes Everything

*Spoilers Obviously Ahead. Again, this is your warning* 

We're going to keep these blogs going. If we can't have No Quitters (RIPIP, send all complaints on Twitter) we're going to have the blog damnit. The Challenge is too damn good of a show to not be talked about. Each Thursday I'll drop one of these recaps and power rankings so we all can argue about America's fifth sport. I'll try to convince the other guys to do something from time to time because something tells me this season is going on for months. I know I missed last week, blame my brother for getting married and having to travel. 

The cliff hanger gets addressed right away

So the cliff hanger from last week was TJ telling Cory and Bettina to go right back to the group and not pick new partners. Okay, sounds like either you're sticking with the same team or it's now an individual game of some sort. Well luckily they didn't waste too much time here. We immediately get into it with the Daily Challenge and finding out that it's in fact not really a challenge. Poor Nelson. 

Nelson thought he finally won a daily challenge and went full Nelson. If you listened to No Quitters you already know. He acted like he was preparing for the biggest movie role of his life. 


The twist was there was no challenge. It was just picking your team. We're going teams of three and frankly I hate the bullshit spies and stuff. Maybe I'm too colorblind but could we go red, blue and literally any other color besides a teal green? Threw me off the entire time and there's zero chance I remember to call them Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. Come on, TJ. Get back to the roots. 

New Teams

So here's what we have: 

Ruby - Cory, Logan, Kyle, Emy, Priscilla, Big T

Emerald - Josh, Devin, Emanuel, Nany, Tori, Kaycee

Sapphire - CT, Nelson, Ed, Ashley, Amanda, Bettina

Ed is a genius

I fucking love this guy. Listen to this Delco accent.

So here's the deal. When people finished the daily challenge, they showed up to this area with the three teams. Ed was there with Nelson and Cory and decided to straight up wait to see who was going to pick what teams. It paid off. Look at his team. Nelson and Cory decided to split up so they would have someone on two teams. Pros and cons to it, but Ed didn't want to just pair up. That's a smart move. It's why Ed is sneaky good in this game along with the fact that he's good at puzzles, decent athleticism. When he becomes a 'vet' he's going to be a favorite to win a lot. 

Devin won over CT with his brains, won over America with being a smartass

Devin is my guy, not a secret here. Dude loves to talk and bet college hoops and go on reality shows and stir shit up. During the actual daily challenge, Devin won the event for Emerald or green or whatever. They had to put rubble inside of this box and once they got enough in they won. That's the best way to sum it up. So what does Devin do? As CT says 'work smarter, not harder.' Devin realizes they can put big ass blocks of rocks on the box and weigh it down so all 6 teammates can start putting rubble in. It works. Of course it did. Devin is starting to dominate this game because he knows when to pick and choose. He can go head to head with CT in the mental part of the game. He just needs someone to eliminate CT in a physical event. The other guys? Good luck trusting Josh, Nelson, Cory, etc. 

The vote and a SECOND twist

So we still keep the same setup with the vote but the difference is just the 'agency' is voting on one person from either losing team. This time it was a woman's elimination and kind of a no-brainer to throw in Priscilla. She's the one who made the move to break up the vet alliance. She was taking swings. Made sense to wait to throw in someone else and just use her to see how the game is played. Well, PLOT TWIST. At the Lair, we find out the person voted in gets to choose who they go up against. Love that. Massive game changer. Priscilla goes for one more swing and calls out Ashley. Elimination was a good one. They had to dig through sand and move sand to get tires, put them on a post and then look at a flashing puzzle to get the order. Ashley dominated. It wasn't even close. Shout out Ashley, the only woman's champ on the show still.

The Third and final twist

So TJ hits us again with the incredibly rare third twist that changes everything. Not only can Ashley rejoin her team, or the Ruby team, she can also just straight up join the team that wins. WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE DOING? Just stay on the same teams. We're down to three teams of 6. It was perfect. Just like every other season. Stop changing teams, it makes no goddamn sense. You win, you go back to your team. You lose, you go home. Boom, problem solved. 

MVP - Ashley

LVP - Cory

Power Rankings

Who gives a shit? We have no idea how this is going to be until we see a player join a different team. Ruby stinks though.