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FaZe Banks - "I Would Let TFue Join FaZe Again"

New BFFs pod with FaZe Banks is live now!

In this pod, Banks takes a deep dive into how he grew in popularity from a Call of Duty trick-shotter to becoming part owner in one of the largest and most popular esports organizations in the world.

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FaZe Up.

In today's content world, content houses are seemingly popping up everywhere (aka houses where high profile internet personalities live together to create more content). FaZe was known for having the first true content house when original members had a sponsored house in Long Island.

Here's a picture of current FaZe member "Nate Hill" and one of FaZe owners "Adapt" in front of the house where it all began.

Towards the tail end of the show, FaZe Banks played a game called, "Would you let them into FaZe?" and the BFFs pod threw a fastball on the first pitch with "Tfue" being the first personality shown.

Back when Fortnite was exploding, many content creators began to explode with it. Tfue was no exception and with this new fame, FaZe wanted to bring the streamer under the FaZe umbrella similar to how Nickmercs is currently under the FaZe umbrella. Aftyer signing with the org and as Banks says, Tfue had some people in his ear telling him that he could be doing better without FaZe and so on…

It led to such a massive issue that Tfue eventually tried to sue FaZe Clan for an exploitative contract. After 15 long months of legal battle, a settlement was reached between FaZe Clan and Tfue in August of 2020.

One question I've always wondered is how the dust finally settled between Tfue and members of FaZe. According to Banks, he and Tfue are really close friends and he would even let Tfue join back FaZe clan. Was not expecting that answer! I figured there would be some animosity towards each other, but Banks seemed to not show any.