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Memphis Is Getting Cocky This Season With Penny Rolling Into Midnight Madness In A Decked Out Slingshot

I gotta give Penny credit. The man knows how to put on a show for Midnight Madness. Making NCAA Tournament's? Well, that's something that hasn't been done yet. But between the smoke comment and not being afraid to back down from anything, the guy knows how to grow Memphis basketball. 

And now landing Jalen Duren and Emoni Bates (thanks, FedEx) we get an even cockier Penny. Honestly, I love it. I want Penny to talk shit. I also want Kentucky to beat the shit out of them if they ever play. Having a guy like Penny is something that college hoops has missed. We need younger coaches that aren't afraid to talk shit and have a personality. Rolling out on a Slingshot? I can't even lie, that's just sick. Shit, even brought Moneybagg Yo off of tour to make a showing. 

Memphis is by far going to be one of the most interesting teams in the country too. They have the potential to be great or an absolute disaster. You bring in two top recruits. There's concern about point guard play, because you're basically giving Emoni Bates the ball there. They do have dudes who can score in Landers Nolley and DeAndre Williams who have to take a backstep and be the 3rd option most likely. Memphis being good at basketball is good for the sport. I want them to be worth a damn just because they have talent and Penny and Larry Brown and Rasheed Wallace. Otherwise, Midnight Madness is just going to be Penny blowing smoke up everyone's ass every year.