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It's Official - This US Team Is Different. This US Team Is ACTUALLY GOOD

Was this a bit of a mess? Fuck yeah. That's what happens when you give up a goal within the first minute. Shit, the fans couldn't even see the Costa Rica goal because the flag was still draped over them. 

But you know what? This is how I found out THIS USMNT is different. This is how I found out we are actually good. We fucking responded. After the first 10 minutes, this match was dominated by us. We pressed, we actually had a plan. That's the difference from the past. We relied on set pieces and counter attacks. That's basically the only way we scored. Now? Now we have build up. Now we have Sergino Dest doing this. 

What a fucking beautiful goal. Not gonna lie, got a little excited in the pants watching that thing go in. This team fires me up, what can I say? Anywho, as I got hot and bothered, this was what I remembered. I said the goal was 5 points in this 3-game window, meaning we needed to win here. 6 points here and we're setting ourselves up to get close to clinching a spot here. 

So thank you Tim Weah. 

Rocket. Needed it and Weah was damn good the whole match. He made runs down the side, really helped control the game early. Remember we got 6 points in this window with no Reyna or Pulisic. Shit, even tonight Weah wasn't supposed to start. Paul Arriola suffered a groin injury in warmups and Weah got moved into the starting lineup. But this is why we're different. We have the depth to deal with this shit. We have the talent to handle a window without 2 stars. 

So what's next? 

Fuck Mexico. 

We have Mexico and at Jamaica. If we get 6, lock in the World Cup. 

Goddamn I enjoy watching us win at soccer again. I'm too invested in this team, I know.