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Evan Engram Says Cowboys Safety Jayron Kearse Punched Him In The Face After Sunday's Game In Dallas

NYDN- Giants rookie Kadarius Toney wasn’t the only player that threw a punch at AT&T Stadium last Sunday. Cowboys safety Jayron Kearse punched Giants tight end Evan Engram in the face during handshakes on the field after the game was over, sources told the Daily News.

“I was pushing him around the whole game, so he was probably just mad about that,” Engram told the News on Wednesday. “It’s whatever.” Engram said he didn’t punch back because Kearse had thrown “a little baby punch.” Plus, he didn’t want to get fined.

Between this story and trying to catch Daniel Jones after he stumbled following his concussion, Jayron Kearse is really endearing himself to Giants fans these days.

Now I have no clue if this actually happened and to what extent if it did. That game got real chippy at the end with Kadarius Toney getting his Tyson Fury on and Will Hernandez shoving people after every goddamn play. Which is why we need to hold the people responsible for this accountable and make everyone that attended that game run a lap around Jerry's World for us having to hear about this story 72 hours later in a goddamn Pat Leonard report on Wednesday. 

The NFL had an 8K camera, some 4K cameras, and a million 1K cameras (or whatever regular cameras are called) along with beat reporters paid to cover the game and roughly 80,000 fans with phones capable of shooting HD video in their pockets. How not ONE person could've caught this kerfuffle even by accident to post and go viral is a bad job by everyone involved. So instead we have to take Evan Engram at his word that he can catch a punch better than he can catch a football. 

Whatever, at least sweet Daniel may be playing on Sunday, no matter what Coach Judge may want us to think.